About us

Family owned and operated since 1998, we take pride in being a successful small business like all other small businesses around the country. To keep the cost low and avoid communication errors we are focusing on email interaction mostly. Believe us when we say that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect for us, and we strongly believe that small business customer experience is what keeps customers coming back. 

Our contact information

By email: lakeforestwines@yahoo.com

Shipping Information:

Ground is the least expensive way to ship. Ground is suitable for non-wine products and wine, provided the temperatures from point to point are not likely to exceed 70 degrees or fall below 32 degrees. Thus, in many parts of the country, ground is suitable from September through April. Average cost:

2 bottles: $15-25 dollars 6 bottles: 15-$25.00 12 bottles: $23 - $62.
We will regularly have free shipping offers on quantity buys therefore signing up for our newsletter is highly recommended.

In advance we apologize about the shipping confusion that exists in the wine business these days. It's easier to ship wine to many different countries than to some of our good and wonderful states. The Three tier system in some states gives too much power to state regulators Due to legal restrictions on shipments of wine and other alcoholic beverages,we do not ship to many states:AL,MA,MS,ND,OK,NH,UT,TN,TX and a few other states have unfriendly shipping laws. Shipping Laws change, therefore it is advised to check your local state laws before placing an order. Note: Prices will vary depending on your distance from Northern California.

Average delivery time: 2-6 days from the day of shipment, not including weekends and holidays