Cat's Eye Distillery Obtanium Bourbon Barrel Pick for Foothills Whiskey Society by Lakeforest Wines 750ml

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Foothills Whisky Society Pick by LAKEFOREST WINES

We have another barrel from Cat's Eye Distillery Indiana.  Our Last Cat's Eye barrel was gone in a matter of days and I revisit it almost every weekend to flatter myself on that pick. It was definitely very unique. The balance that was created by Cat's Eye between the high proof, the port finish and high corn was insanely masterful. 

This time we are presenting you with a MGP Bourbon aged almost 6 years ( distilled 11/2014 and bottled 09/2020).  Mash Bill was 60 corn 36 Rye and 4 Malted Barley.  118.8 Proof . 

Tasting Notes: 

Bottled a month ago,  we received the bottle on 10/24. The journey from bottling to delivery was a little over a month.  At almost 119 proof, you might expect the whisky to be hot upfront, It's not. It tingles the tip of your tongue on entry but the suttle sweetness takes over. The 35% Rye is pretty evident in the mid Palate but the best part is the amazing smooth finish with honey remnants in the middle of the finish and a short burst of spice and nuts and then a craving for some more. 

Add a few drops of water if you want, but you won't feel the heat on this if you approach it neat. 

Hope I am not going overboard with my utterly biased opinion here,  it's a winner from start to finish. 

Raj Sachdeva.