Saint Cloud 7 year old Kentucky Bourbon 750ml

Saint Cloud 7 year old Kentucky Bourbon 750ml

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Saint Cloud ™is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Crafted by Ray Walker using his unique perspective and vision from making Grand Cru wines in Burgundy, France. Ray has excelled in making wines of character, blending handwork and tradition. His focus is to bring a unique vision to the Kentucky Bourbon landscape. Saint Cloud is a labor of love, created to bridge the connection to Ray’s family which dates back in Kentucky since the early nineteenth-century. 


Distillery Notes 

Saint Cloud is a full throttle Kentucky Bourbon bottled at Barrel Proof. We recommend enjoying neat, in a Glencairn or Neat glass. Adding a drop or two of distilled water opens up the aromatics while allowing the full spectrum of flavors to leap from the glass. Moments of celebration and reflection are perfect moments for Saint Cloud.

  • NOSE

    Vanilla leaps from the glass, with mounds of molten caramel following just behind.


    Rich chocolate, cedar, and toasted almonds coat the palate.


    Dried Apricot, spices, and brown sugar move to a warm caramel.


    Broad mouthfeel, with exceptional balance between power and finesse. Spice, chocolate and light smoke move to a pleasing and effortless finish.